1. Navigate to

Scroll down to the bottom to view



2. Click on any participant. You will not need to donate, this is just to navigate to the fundraising registration section.


3. Scroll down to locate links on bottom right hand of page.

Click on register AS AN INDIVIDUAL.


4. If you have not registered for a Leukemia Cup event before, click on NEW ACCOUNT. Continue with step 5.

(If you registered last year and have your log in credentials, click on SIGN IN and follow instructions, then go to step 8 to continue.) 


5. For a new account, please fill out form, then click on SIGN UP.


6. Note, there is no registration fee. Just click on SELECT & CONTINUE.


7. Fill out the entire form. Make sure you fill out the section with your personal fundraising page's URL. This is the link you will share with everyone (most people use their first initial and last name, e.g. Jane Doe = JDoe.

When you are done click on COMPLETE REGISTRATION.

Once you are registered, you will get a confirmation email.

8. Ensure you have your registration information (user name and password), then navigate to

Use your login information to sign into the site.

This is the site where you will set up your personal fundraising page, which you can then share with your friends and family!


9. You can now edit your fundraising goals.

Note: "Team Page" will only display if you are a team captain and have set up a team page. If you want to be a team captain, please ask Frank Longinotti for help to set up your team page ( 


10. Click on "My Page". Then on "Manage Posts".

A standard fundraising page is already set up for you. You can edit the page.


11. The text editor will allow you to customize your page. You can also add images. 

Once you are satisfied, click on PUBLISH.


12.The links on the left also provide tips, email templates and donations received. The most recent donations will be displayed on the right.  Please note that sponsorships you solicited will not appear here. LLS will add them to your account as soon as payment has been received (ask sponsor to note your name on form).